Institut für Ocean Plastik Recycling: Paving the way for a sustainable circular economy

Welcome to the Institute for Ocean Plastic Recycling, a brand of the Recycling Innovation Hub. Our goal is to make a decisive contribution to solving the global waste problem by removing waste of all kinds from the oceans and reintegrating it into the economic cycle in a valuable way.

Our core missions and methods:

  1. Versatile recycling approaches: Specializing in the processing of marine litter, we use innovative technologies to extract not only plastic but also other types of waste from the oceans. These are then converted into recyclable raw materials that can be used in various industries.
  2. Focus on environmental protection and resource conservation: Through our recycling efforts, we actively contribute to minimizing our environmental impact. We reduce the need for new raw materials and combat marine pollution at the same time.
  3. Education and awareness: As part of the Recycling Innovation Hub, we are committed to raising awareness of environmental issues. Our educational programs and partnerships aim to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and waste management.
  4. Collaboration for innovation: In collaboration with industry experts and research institutions, we develop sustainable and advanced methods for waste management. These collaborations are essential to drive forward effective and innovative recycling processes.

The Recycling Innovation Hub’s Institute for Ocean Plastic Recycling is committed to a world in which marine litter is not seen as an end point, but as a valuable resource for a sustainable future. Together we strive for solutions that protect our oceans and strengthen the circular economy.